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A Boy, A Girl & A Camera – FREE Online Documentary

This brand new documentary explores the enigma that is controversial filmmaker Shane Ryan – creator of the infamous Ted Bundy inspired Amateur Porn Star Killer series, the Alyssa Bustamante inspired true crime picture My Name is ‘A’ by anonymous, and star of Albert Pyun’s (Cyborg) latest thriller The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper. Modern Grindhouse at it’s best/worst, the documentary is definitely worth a look.

Includes interviews with filmmakers Sean Cain (Jurassic City, Silent Night Zombie Night), Ryan Nicholson (Gutterballs, Live Feed) and James Cullen Bressack (Blood Lake, Hate Crime), actress Tommie Vegas (The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper), Pollygrind Film Festival director Chad Clinton Freeman, HorrorHound Magazine film critic Thomas Gleba, new footage with actor Kevin Gage (Michael Mann’s Heat, Ridley Scott’s G.I. Jane) and much more. (Note: there are brief images of nudity and violence, recommended for mature audiences).

A re-release of his entire Amateur Porn Star Killer series, in a new box set (which includes this documentary, along with an exclusive 30 minute interview, and two brand new commentaries) is available HERE See more from Ryan and other underground film makers at Mad Sin Cinema HERE

The Profane Exhibit – Horror Anthology

Coming soon, a new horror anthology, The Profane Exhibit. Deep within the underbelly of Paris, there is a club which is the home of a secret, wicked society. At first it resembles an ordinary fetish or Goth nightclub, but within the cavernous building are many hidden rooms, one of which is known as “The Room of Souls,” a private gathering place of the world’s richest and most evil people. Their host is the elegant yet frightening Madame Sabatier. For their amusement each member takes a turn and spins a true tale of depravity: A good wife learns that her husband goes out at night to abduct and murder young women; a botched suicide attempt leads to a drug-induced dream; a girl is believed to be possessed by a demon, and her overly religious parents enlist the help of a corrupt reverend who has his own sinister plans. We are invited inside the deranged mind of a respected surgeon as he takes us on a guided tour of life, death, and everything… Segments directed by Yoshiro Nishimura, Marian Dora, Andrey Iskanov, Ryan Nicholson, Michael Todd Schneider, Sergio Stivaletti and erm, Uwe Boll.

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