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Godzilla – Official Full Trailer

Godzilla – Teaser

Described as “An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure, from Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.”

I have faith as this was directed by Gareth Edwards, writer-director of the superb Monsters from 3 years back…. it looks BIG.

Pacific Rim – TOHO Style Trailer

Godzilla – Poster Art

Official Godzilla poster and a couple of cool art versions from Phantom City Creative… Enjoy


phantom city creative-godzillareg-blog

Pacific Rim by my 7 Year Old Son *****

pacific-rim-poster-bannerPacific Rim is about giant monsters attacking earth. Different country’s create robots called Jaegers. The Jaegers must save the world from the monsters.The monsters are giant and the Jaegers are giant.
There are two pilots in the Jaegers. Two of the pilots look like they are General Zod’s soldiers from “Superman 2”
My favourite part was when the USA Jaeger grabbed a giant ship and smashed the ship on the monster. My other favourite part was when the Jaeger fist smashed through a huge building and it’s knuckle hit some metal balls on a desk and made the the sound “TING”.
I think it is Appropriate for ages 6 and over. I gave it 5 stars. (I enjoyed it more the second time around. The dialogue didn’t bother me as much, the set pieces were still incredible and I really enjoyed seeing the awe on my sons face at some of the battle scenes. He thought it was funny where it was meant to be, and spectacular pretty much throughout… I guess it’s far more kid friendly than I initially thought).

Pacific Rim – Poster Art


Pacific Rim_Matt Fergusonpacificrim_final_regular_prev


Pacific Rim – Jaeger Blueprints


0blue-print-japans-coyote-tango-pacific-rim 0blue-print-russia-cherno-alpha-pacific-rim 0blue-print-china-crimson-typhoon-pacific-rim 0blue-print-australia-striker-eureka-pacific-rim