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Teen High Zombie Squad

Teen High Zombie Squad is a 120 page graphic novel about a group of misfits thrust together in the midst of a high school invasion.

After a seemingly routine lunch break detention, four teenage misfits find their school has been deserted and nothing is as it seems. They’re soon confronted by hordes of their mutated classmates and monstrous faculty members hungry for blood. It’s up to four unlikely heroes from completely different worlds to save their high school and home town from a full scale invasion.

Teen high is inspired by a heavy diet of 80’s and early 90’s films like  The Breakfast Club, John Carpenter’s The Thing, The Goonies and Aliens. Its dark humor, mixed with horror and a splash of science fiction. It’s a character driven story that focus’ on themes of identity and friendship with a strong emphasis on the relationships that evolve between the story’s heroes.