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The Mist: The Novella Cut

The-Mist-The-Novella-CutKevin Karstens, a graphic illustrator, prefers the Stephen King version of the Mist and hates the movies ending.  Kevin said: “I had looked forward to a film adaption for over 20 years, and was thrilled to hear they were doing one (and by Frank Darabont, no less)…until I started hearing, ‘they changed the ending’….and I personally REALLY did NOT care for the ‘new version’…so I did something baout it, and you might find it interesting…”

What he did was recut  the movie, creating a fan film titled, The Mist, The Novella Cut. “Certain scenes have been cut, others added from the DELETED SCENES found on the DVD release, as they mirrored actual sequences from the source material. Chapter ‘headings’ have been added in areas to reflect the feel of a novella, and the ending now pays homage to the ‘Hartford/hope’ finale originally seen in King’s original text.”

Amount of time Cut/Added : CUT: Approx 10 min ADDED: Approx 5 min.

Go to Kevin’s webpage where you can access information to obtain/view a copy of the recut version HERE

I for one actually liked the ending of The Mist, it’s a brave way to end a big film. Darabont did what King has failed to do so many times in his books, actually have an ending that made sense. King is a master at creating incredible set-ups but not so great at creating endings…

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