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Day of DREDD

The big ‘Day of Dredd’ push last September was massively successful – Dredd went straight to the top of the DVD and Blu-Ray charts in multiple countries and sparking acres of press coverage. Today, Wednesday 1st October is the Day of Dredd 2014!

This is a fan-created, fan-run, fan-made campaign that aims to show Hollywood that the clamor for a sequel has not gone away. Today the campaigners want everyone to shout about DREDD – buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray, get it back up those charts or, even better, get it sold out! Watch it with friends, talk about it online, share it on your Facebook and Twitter accounts with the hashtag #DayofDredd, encourage your favourite news outlets to cover the big push, even wear your DREDD suit when you go shopping! It all helps keep DREDD in the public eye.