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Archive for March 20, 2014

Post Apocalyptic Google Street App

Urban-Jungle-Street-ViewA Swedish developer has transformed towns and cities around the world into urban jungles. Check out the App HERE

Using Google images, Einar Oberg built his jungle version of Street View to lets users virtually travel anywhere in the world, and see what that location would look like covered in trees, vines, and bushes.  Oberg has even redesigned Google’s iconic Pegman so he’s holding a fire torch and wearing an Indiana Jones-style fedora.

Only areas accessible on Google Street View can be accessed on Oberg’s Urban Jungle version, for example, users can’t get inside the grounds of Buckingham Palace or The White House.

The site images render slowly, and work better on the Chrome browser, although the service is also available on Firefox. It has limited controls and users can only move around when clicking the stone-like arrow that appears on the screen.

Urban-Jungle-Street-View_AppOberg said: ‘Visit any place available in Street View by entering a location, drag the map to browse around and drop the little guy on a road. ‘It works best in environment with large buildings surrounding the streets. Some locations need a little more imagination than others.’

He continued the experiment uses an ‘undocumented part of Street View’ called depth data. Once depth maps are combined with traditional maps, Oberg said he is able to plot the position of 3D flora and fauna. This means they appear to grow out of the map, or on the sides of buildings, as realistically as possible.

There have been similar projects in the past, namely the 2011 Streetview Zombie Apocalypse game. It used Google Street View images as the base of the game and as players move around, they have to escape zombies placed over the top of the maps.