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Oldboy – Poster Art

Oldboy_Poster Art



Cold Turkey

A short film by Thor Arnarsson. A troubled teenager tries to get rid of the most dangerous addiction of them all – cannibalism. Check out the facebook page HERE

COLD TURKEY from Thor Arnarsson on Vimeo.

Turkish Exorcist

Check out these clips from the Turkish version of The Exorcist… so bad it’s awesome.

American Horror Story: Coven – Poster Art

American Horror Story-Coven_Poster Art


Teen Exorcists

Some Friday fun… have a laugh at these idiots: They are young, all-American girls who enjoy horse riding, karate and Sherlock Holmes. But there’s more to Brynne, Tess and Savannah than wholesome pursuits – they’re exorcists.

The girls believe much of the world’s population is possessed by evil spirits which are causing addiction, depression and suffering. In a fight against the devil’s army, they have been touring America performing public exorcisms on their believers.

Now they are taking the fight to a city they think of as one of the most spiritually corrupt in the world – London… God help us all…

R.I.P. Richard C. Sarafian

vanishing-point_postersVanishing Point director Richard C. Sarafian has died in Santa Monica of complications from pneumonia. He was 83. The New York City-born Sarafian had suffered a fall recently where he broke several ribs and his back. He contracted the infection while recovering from that incident, according to his son Daran Sarafian.

Richard Sarafian’s direction of the iconic 1971 car pic was an inspiration to Quentin Tarantino, who gave the director a Special Thanks in the credits of 2007’s car-themed Death Proof. The director was also behind the camera of several early iconic TV series like Batman, I Spy, 77 Sunset Strip and Westerns including Gunsmoke. His last directing job was a 2011 episode of Zorro: The Legend Continues. Sarafian was a presence in front of the camera too: Among his acting gigs, his good friend Warren Beatty cast him in both Bullworth and Bugsy, and he also was in Don Juan DeMarco opposite pal Marlon Brando. Sarafian was also a longtime friend of fellow director Robert Altman although they apparnetly became more like rivals after Sarafain married Altman’s sister, Joan. The couple had four sons and a daughter.


The Walking Dead – Season 4 Promo – Daryl Dixon