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Kiss of the Damned – Trailer

kiss_of_the_Damned_2013Xan Cassavetes (daughter of the legendary John), initially had the idea for Kiss Of The Damned after touring a house some years ago. The home eventually became the venue for the thriller/drama which revolves around a vampire, Djuna, who resists the advances of Paolo, but soon gives into their passion. “I went through the house and the nature of its setting felt so transitory — it’s a weekend house and it’s the setting for a transitory vampire,” said Cassavetes. “I looked at the house a year and a half before writing the screenplay.” After working on other projects, Cassavetes recalled the house and wrote the screenplay for Kiss Of The Damned in only three weeks. She and her team were able to put together the financing elements from previous films. “I wanted French actors because the movie has the flavor of a beautiful European flavor,” said Cassavetes. “I also wanted relatively unknown actors because I thought it was more powerful to buy into that.”

After shooting in 2011, Cassavetes and team edited for almost a year. One of her two editors was in New York though she lives in L.A. “I couldn’t be away from my children. We played with the film. There was a lack of rules and it took some going over because it was unknown territory.” After opening at the Venice and London film festivals, it had its premiere Stateside at SXSW. ” It was incredible. I was worried it wouldn’t be scary enough for the Midnight crowd there, but much to my surprise, the whole scene there embraced the movie. I’ve never been so surprised.” Magnolia’s genre label, Magnet, which came on board ahead of its world premiere in Venice, will open Kiss Of The Damned in New York at the Sunshine and in Los Angeles at the NuArt Theatre this Friday.

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