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American Horror Story – Season 3

American Horror Story_PaleyFest posterAt PaleyFest, Executive Producer Ryan Murphy officially announced where the hit series American Horror Story would go after the first 2 successful seasons.  After a haunted mansion and then an insane asylum with aliensand Nazi war criminals it only made sense to go to witches next.  “It’s a really cool story we’ve been talking about for a couple of years, and this seemed the year to do it.”

The show will start filming in New Orleans and then move on to multiple locations.  Much of the old cast returns such as Francis Conroy, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, and Taissa Farmiga.  At Paleyfest veteran actor Kathy Bates joined the crew  to a standing ovation and garnered massive applause as the newest cast member.  She will be playing Jessica Lange’s former best friend and current nemesis.  Murphy promised that both Bates and Lang will go toe to toe throughout the 13 episode season.  Bates mentioned that she has liked the show from the very beginning and was willing to do “anything” to be a part of the show.  Murphy was thrilled and now we all get to enjoy her immense talent.

Murphy also teased that he may be conjuring up a companion piece for American Horror story with the theme being vampire based. Apparently, fans roared with excitement which was probably just what Murhpy needed to make up his mind on the subject. Bring it on!

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