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8:47 – Trailer for new One-take Sci-Fi Short

847 Official PosterEngine has launched a trailer for its new film ‘8:47’ directed by Engine’s Nik Kacevski, and produced by Amelia Peacocke and George Kacevski.

8:47 is a sci-fi drama that touches on the theory of what one would do if they had a second or even third chance to make things right. The short film plays with time travel and is tense from the get go.

The decision was made early on to shoot the film in one take. This technique added to the tension but also created many challenges. The approach was treated like a stage production where both cast and crew rehearsed intensively to ensure the story could flow.

The final result is a film that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat from beginning to end, no editing, no hidden wipes or transitions, just a straight sequence of intense performance and intricate choreography. It sounds and looks incredibly interesting, can’t wait for the film to hit the festival network.

8:47 – Official trailer from engine on Vimeo.

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