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ParaNorman – By my 7 Year Old Son ****½

ParaNorman_bannerParaNorman is about a boy called Norman who loves zombies and he can see and talk to ghosts but no one believed him except his a kid called Neil who wants to be friends. He can even talk to his dead grandma when he’s watching televison.

Everyone thinks he’s odd, and he gets bullied at school. But  he discovers the witches curse that is on his town that brings the dead people to rise as the undead. But no one believes him about that until it comes true.

ParaNormanThen Norman, and Neil, and his sister and the bully have to help save the town from the witches curse. SPOILER ALERT The zombies are actually good, one of them is called The Judge, and the witch is a teenager .

It was much spookier and better than Hotel Transylvania and as good as Frankenweenie. I liked it best when Norman pretends to be a zombie when he’s cleaning his teeth and when the zombie came out of the bathroom with toilet paper on him.

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