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Save the Astor Theatre – Sign the Petition

The heritage listed art deco Astor Theatre is a Melbourne icon, the last of our great single screen picture palaces. It has survived a World War, the advent of video, DVD, movies on demand and the multiplex.

The neighbouring St Michael’s Grammar School was portrayed as a white knight when it purchased the building that houses The Astor Theatre five years ago. But the school has not responded to the cinema’s efforts to secure a new lease.

We fear that when the current lease expires, St Michael’s intends to close the building for five years before re-opening as a private school performing arts centre and uniform shop. The Astor as generations of Australians know it will be gone.

Click on the LINK and sign the petition to save this Melbourne icon.

3 responses

  1. Bradley

    Astor forever.

    May 18, 2012 at 1:16 pm

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  3. jillian waud

    There is also another Astor Theatre, that my mother owns, and it is in Surat, on the banks of the Balonne River, in Queensland. It is state heritage listed and was built in 1925. It is totallly unique, and still has the canvas seats, big screen, and carbon arc light projectors. It is not operational at the moment. I am trying to find funding to restore it back to its former glory. It is classed as rare by heritage, as it is one of the only remaining country cinemas, that was never used for anything else, but to show movies. I am also trying to find out where I can purchase a new screen. I came across the Melbourne Astor Theatre online, some time ago. I am shocked to hear it is in jepoardy of closing down. I do not know what is wrong with society today, as they will never be able to experience these beautiful icons ever again, if they let them go. I was going to take a trip to see the theatre, it impressed me so much. There is not much out there, funding wise, to keep these wonderful historical places going. Just thought I would share my thoughts, and pray to God that both of these grand old ladies continue to be part of our lives, for a long time to come.

    March 27, 2013 at 2:05 pm

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