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The Amazing Spider-Man: The Lizard Revealed

The Marc Webb directed reboot of the very recent trilogy claims to tell the untold story of Peter Parker, the nerd whose encounter with a radioactive spider turned him into an arachnid-like crime fighter.

In the new film, Dr. Curt Connors (played by Rhys Ifans) is an employee of Oscorp (the company owned by Norman Osborn, the villain in the first trilogy) and, as he reveals to Parker (this time played by Andrew Garfield), an old friend and co-worker of his father.

Dr. Connors has lost an arm, and desperately tries to synthesize the regenerative properties of reptiles into a formula that could help him grow back his lost limb, only to be turned into a sometimes-wild beast who loses all sense of right and wrong (somewhat like the Hulk).

As Ifans explains in this new video, Connors holds secrets about Parker’s father, who left him at an early age (thus leaving Peter to live with is Aunt May and Uncle Ben).

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