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Rosemary’s Baby – More Poster Art

Rosemary’s Baby – Poster Art

ALIEN – By an 11 year old

ALIEN age 11 is a homemade comic, or graphic novel if you like! – commenced around late 1979 by an 11 year old. 32 years ago! It’s now a 2012 web-comic, check it out here.

This movie adaptation was made at the time that ALIEN hit theatres around the world but long before the underage artist had actually seen the film itself. That wouldn’t happen for 3 or 4 more years.

It’s brought to you by the maker of the popular Star Wars age 9 web-comic. Much of the artwork here is better – so not as silly – but it was done with nothing but an Alan Dean Foster novelisation with its few colour glossy photos as a visual reference, and a satire by Cracked Magazine that came out much later.