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Captain America – Review by my 5½ year old son ****

Another review from my 5½ year old son. This time for ‘Captain America’ starring Chris Evans.

Captain America is about army men fighting the Red Skull’s men. At the start of the movie Captain America is little and skinny and is a good guy. He doesn’t like bullies and he tries to keep joining in the army but they won’t let him because he’s little and skinny; until he goes into a machine and it makes him strong and fast and big. He doesn’t die in the movie, he nearly dies when he jumps over a big explosion after the Red Skull pulls his mask off. The Red Skull was in disguise as a bad person when he pulls his mask off his face is all red, he’s the Red Skull.

The best bit was when he punched a punching bag and it flies across the room. It might be too loud in the fighting bits for little kids. It was really good. Not as good as Thor, but better than Pirates, Super 8 and Transformers.

4 Stars

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