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Redd Inc.

Visit the homepage of ‘Redd Inc’ One of the movies mentioned in the earlier Tom Savini post…

Redd Inc. Synopsis: The story of a capricious, officious and vicious boss (Redd) who traps his victims and forces them to work in an horrific office of his own insane creation. They are tasked with a seemingly impossible job which they must complete or face a grisly “termination”.

Redd Inc. is created by Green Light Productions Pty Limited based in Sydney Australia. The production company has created film and television programs since 1993 and is owned and managed by Redd Inc. co-writer and producer Jonathon Green. This project is not beholden to any major corporation… it is fiercely independent. It is being made by a genuine band of independent film makers who have developed a bold project that they hope thousands will want to get involved in.

3 responses

  1. Evil Pete

    Saw Savini on their website thanks to your link… Great news that he’s BACK!

    June 5, 2011 at 2:01 pm

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